Our Non-Underwater Nature Pictures

Our Non-Underwater Nature Pictures



My Honey in a Slot Canyon, Page Arizona, Spring 2018

Ginnie Reynolds

This is my dearly beloved who I have dragged up and over the California Sierra, under oceans from the Caribbean, the China and Philippine Sea to the Pacific and Atlantic and am now dragging acoss this continent and the heavens to see more of the wonderful Creation we all share.

Picture taken along with an underwater shot of Tunicates that was displayed in Germany. Finished 2nd

Tom Reynolds

My mom was a dedicated shutterbug. I hated it because I was forced to pose every Christmas for family portraits. I guess it is all in the genes because I have taken pictures for over 28 years.

Like my mom, I am a Nikon user. Ginnie and I both have had a variety of cameras leading up to the Nikon D-720 we both have.

Blood moon from our backyard


 We have taken pictures throughout our marriage. After Alan, our son was born in 2004 we started hiking the California Sierra when he was about 3. For 14 years we took scenery shots on the most lightweight camera we could find. Then for another 14 years we too underwater shots that are displayed on tomandginnie.com. Now we are onto new vistas. This is a blood moon from our backyard is April 2014.